Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thank God for Chocolates!

April 18, 2008 @3PM Intercontinental, Makati
I have been having so many heart issues lately that it was about time when Stan sent me my favorite Cadbury chocolates and other brands I’m not familiar with but they were nice. My children forgot to leave me some too, because they really enjoyed eating the chocolates. But last Friday was when I accompanied Mercy to Intercontinental Makati to fetch the package that Stan sent her (along with my Cadburies!), I admit that I felt ignorant in the place because it was my first time to be in a classy hotel, really!

My favorite Cadbury chocolates!

I was quickly enamored by the place, it’s so nice, modern and so elegant. I envied those who stay in this kind of place because when I sat on the bed, it was so soft and comfortable. I could almost tell that I could fall asleep in it and wake up three days afer! I did a little of camwhoring during the visit to Joseph (he is Stan’s Lebanese friend). I took the notepad and a pencil for remembrance lol!

After fetching the gifts Stan sent, Mercy took me to Glorietta and treated me to Jollibbe and she even bought me Pizza for my children and a Red Ribbon cake for me and her to share.

Then, later that night, I took my children to SM Megamall (Mercy gave me $100 earlier) to watch Horton hears a Who? Unfortunately though, the movie was no longer available when we got there.

When I got home, I received a sms from Mercy telling me that since it’s too late for her to come home to Dasma, she decided to check in to a nice hotel in the Mabini streets area. She asked me to join her and when I arrived she seemed odd, I think she mentioned that she had a little alcohol. The room was clean; it has a pretty much rustic touch and Mercy explained that this was the place she and Armel would stay, or something like that. After which, we went to Calle5 to listen to some music, the singers were awful but the food is good and the drinks are not really that expensive. I had Mango juice which is really nice.