Thursday, September 29, 2011


This conversation must have happened sometime Monday, April 4, 2011 15:33:40.

I had a quite interesting conversation with Mercy on YM that I had to cancel an appointment just for the sake of getting this over with.

Goodbye to the P450 of my precious paid time!

I will express my disappointment with Mercy at the end of this entry and why I think she has never changed.

As mentioned by Stan, Mercy has been claiming that either Stan or me, erected her a blog about an issue some 3 years ago. In the beginning of our conversation, Mercy was trying to convince me that I'm the one who did it.

You see Mercy, this crappy blogger? Is earning from her writing articles to different businesses and Not for scammers. My efforts have been well paid in bth kind and monetary forms. These are the kind of wages I will not earn by blogging about you in all 3 years! Your crappy story is not a good material for monetization and I do not want to have a reputation of using a scammer to gain traffic on my blogs. I earn my tuition fee, the money I buy for my groceries, the money I use to pay off bills, the money I use to support my children through my blogging and I need to sustain my work with something noble and of value.
Contemplating on what just transpired, I realized a few things:
Mercy, it's your own personal blog and account. Only you can have full access to it.
Second, Mercy. You are not suggesting that I drop my chance to earn a decent living just to erect you a blog, are you?
Lastly, bakit naman kita pag-aaksayahan ng oras ko? As a matter of fact, this blog that I'm writing about you, nakakatamad na nga eh, but all I'm doing right now is to try and siphon your negative vibe so it won't affect me tomorrow.

In the earlier stages of this issue, you told Carolina that I was stalking your Friendster account, but why would I even focus my life on you?
You very well know that I'm a single parent at solong katawan ako sa pagtatrabaho kasama na ang mga household chores ko, so bakit kita pag aaksayahan ng panahon para sundan ka? 

But one of your statement really amused me:

mercy122476: nabasa ko ang isa sa mga blogs mo taht youre doing ok

So basing on this statement, you're the one who found out more about me and my activities and not the other way around. My profiles are, I do not have to hide. I have not been in contact with you in those 3 freakin' years tapos ikaw pala itong updated tungkol sa akin sa pamamagitan ng mga blogs ko. 

Mercy, I will admit that I regretted attaching our conversations to emails to those people mentioned, and to be totally honest about it, I am ashamed that I have exposed myself too. Nang dahil lang sa'yo nawalan ako ng common sense! And I should say na kung nagawa ko man yan, dahil ikaw ang may unang pakana nyan. Nananahimik ako tapos bigla mo na lang akong inaway sa e-mails mo. Ang maganda pa nyan, inabuso mo na nga kaming mag-ina, hinamon mo na ako, pinintasan at ininsulto mo pa ako. Kung nagawa ko man I-forward or i-share ang mga e-mails na yan ay dahil na rin sa pagiging tactless mo. Mercy, you pushed me to the limit with your tirades and have driven me to the wall for insulting me and even threatening me.

All of a sudden Mercy, ako na ang may kasalanan ng lahat lahat ng nangyayari sayo. Ikaw ang may desisyon na tumanggap ng pera at cellphone, hindi ako. Ikaw rin ang nagdesisyon na sabihin kay Stan na "F*ck you!." Tinulungan ka na nga, masama pa ang ugali mo. Tapos gusto mong palabasin na ako ang sumira sayo? Bakit sino ba ako at nagkaron ako ng full access sa buhay mo na parang diyos?

But then again, recalling her past offense to me, I still have a strong inkling at hindi pa rin maalis sa isip ko, that she stole my notes where I have all my pass codes written, my company ID and she also stole my freakin' nail pusher, who the hell does that? At the time when I raised this concern to Lalaine and the people at the boarding house, we only have one conclusion that Mercy may have been the culprit; these stuff I mentioned was nowhere to be found the same time she vanished. Lalaine scolded me for that because Mercy could have very well accessed my accounts then and spy on me or do something else with it.

Thinking back, Armel mentioned in her e-mail that Mercy is good at planning. Whatever happened to my notes and passcodes, maybe Mercy had plans on them too. I only pray that whatever Mercy intended for evil, God will turn it for my favour.

So what made me act so differently towards you now Mercy?
I realized that even up to the last moment, gusto mong magsinungaling pa rin ako kay Stan, to claim that "a certain Alan who's our friend in Manila created the website," I don't know any Alan. Imbes na tanggapin mo na lang ang resulta ng kalokohang ginawa mo, hindi ka pa rin tumigil at gusto mo pa rin dagdagan at ako pa ang pinagagawa mo ng kwento. Ano ba ang plano mo at gusto mong i-claim ko kay Stan na friend natin ang gumawa ng blog? Ano na namang implikasyon ang gusto mong kaladkarin ako? Hindi ka pa rin nagbago.

Kaya, I've decided to just keep on with my distance from the two of you. Kase, nakakasawa na ang mga issues ninyo. Kung gusto mo ng matahimik, mas gusto ko na hindi na kita nakilala. 

Hindi naman ako galit sayo, at wala naman akong bitterness sa puso ko. Pero naiirita ako tuwing ibinabalik balik ninyo sa akin ang mga nakaraan ninyo na kayo lang naman ang may kinalaman. Leave me out of this blog issue Mercy, kase since the beginning, ikaw lang ang gumagawa ng ganyang klase ng blog posts.